Value Engineering Through Custom

Tufenkian’s Value Engineering program was designed to create carpets that fit a variety of budgets, allowing us to address the needs of both small and large contract projects. Whether you’re working with one of our showrooms or with a dealer, we can help make seemingly impossible projects possible. Almost a quarter of our custom rugs are value engineered, giving us the experience to artfully interpret the most beloved Tufenkian designs in dozens of ways with expert precision and craftsmanship. By taking measures such as trading materials and substituting construction quality we are able to offer enormous cost savings.

Value Engineered samples of some of our hottest designs are on hand and available to consign, saving valuable time with no need to wait for a strike-off. Contact to learn more about the flexibility of today’s value engineering options.

Shown here is an example of the Streets of Paris carpet in different construction qualities:

Moving from Shakti, Timpa, Kotana to SETANA/LAMA/Q3

Changing quality from Shakti to Timpa/Kotana to Setana/Lama/Q3 offers one way to reduce the cost of custom projects. Changing the quality in this direction means fewer knots to work with in a given area, requiring a less labor intensive production process as you move down to Setana/Lama/Q3 weaves. One thing to note is that texture gets more pronounced with each step and the overall feel of these finished carpets is somewhat more casual. In contract qualities (Q1 & Q2) the differences between weaves are much less significant.

Moving from Setana, Kotana or Timpa to SHAKTI

Our Shakti weave is our densest construction quality. Moving designs up to Shakti will refine any carpet. Because the weave is more intricate, lines will appear straighter and color striation abates significantly.

Tufenkian’s Contract Quality (Q1, Q2, Q3)

Handmade with minimal compromise in quality using various changes in production. Contract Quality is more densely woven, renders complicated designs precisely, is less likely to have abrash, and is faster to weave. Q1 is nearly as fine as Shakti with a lower pile, Q2 will represent a construction density between Timpa & Shakti and Q3 gives a Timpa/Setana appearance.

Tufenkian’s Tufted Quality

Our Tufted Quality was launched to meet the needs of clients who have pricing and time constraints. Tufted Quality accommodates Value Engineering across all qualities and has much faster production times especially on larger pieces. Custom carpets, up to size 13x18, are ready in just 120 days from the time the order is placed until delivery to our New Jersey warehouse with air shipping. With no limitation on length and width to accommodate up to 40feet, Tufted Quality can be used for installations that require carpeting rather than smaller area rugs.

Value Engineering through materials

Another way we value engineer Tufenkian designs to meet budget needs is through substituting materials. Shown here is an example of our popular Brilliance carpet which was originally handcrafted in 100% silk, representing our highest quality and most luxurious carpet. We have created custom orders and samples of this luxurious design using alternative materials. This example shows Brilliance created in different materials including, hand-knotted in a mixed-ply of bamboo silk/linen/wool, hand-knotted in 100% wool, and hand tufted in bamboo silk. We also offer linen as an alternative for silk accents. The Tufenkian Value Engineering program offers the ability to change the materials of any design to fit your needs.

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