For those familiar with the Tufenkian line, you realize that with hundreds of in-stock available handmade wool carpets, our rugs come in a range of styles and price points. We introduce the Tufenkian line to the young homeowner looking to invest in a good piece with the Modern One Collection. Offering fine, handknotted Tibetan carpets in an eclectic mix of styles, Modern One features geometric designs, color blocking, modern border rugs, Asian inspired motifs and hemp / wool constructions. Advancing to a more sophisticated design sensibility and including the shimmer and eco-friendliness of bamboo silk is the Modern Two Collection. Find refined florals, bold brocades, tone on tone design, and subtle nature-inspired canvases in Modern Two. Our highest end carpets are part of the Modern Three collection, an elegant series of designs elevated by the finest handcrafted Tibetan wool and silk. On a parallel plane is our Designers Reserve collection featuring enduring classics by world renown designers Barbara Barry, Vicente Wolf, Kevin Walz, and Mark Pollack. Choose the chic refinement of Barbara Barry, the livable luxury of modern master Vicente Wolf, structural, whimsical and unexpected designs from Kevin Walz, or powerful,patterned pieces from Mark Pollack. Our feel good Pure Textures collection includes our thickest pile wool Yak-soos, the nature inspired majesty of designer Clodagh, and hip, contemporary rugs by Laura Kirar. Explore Skins and Wild Things and you could fine a fierce handknotted animal pelt design or go the more traditional route with an area rug from our Arts and Crafts and Armenian Collections. Let’s not forget the solids – and not just any solids! Our extensive handknotted wool solids come in a rainbow of colors from the audacious to the sultry, the subtle to the shimmery, neatly textured in complementary corduroy finishes or undyed one-of-a-kind marbling. Browse area rugs by Collection at Tufenkian Carpets.

Nature Rocks Collection Modern Collection Transitional Collection
Pure Textures Tufenkian Traditional and Arts and Crafts Collection Skins and Wild Things Collection
Barbara Barry Collection Designers' Reserve Area Rugs
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