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Tufenkian handknotted wool carpets are created in hundreds of colors from the snowiest white, to the richest ebon; soothingly monochromatic to unforgettably multicolored; richly pigmented to au naturale. Whether you are looking for a bright, bold carpet to establish a palate, a neutral wool carpet with the slightest hint of silk to add elegance and sheen, or our thickest, organic handknotted rug to keep the peace, feel free to let color take the lead. Watch the mood change when you take a detailed, folkloric design and apply a modern palate, or infuse a floral area rug with autumnal hues. Don’t restrict yourself according to style. Just say red and see how a Vicente Wolf classic revels in a rich cabernet. Perhaps neutral tones will allow that intricate Arts and Crafts design to slip effortlessly into your decor. White – why not? The Tibetan wool we use comes from some of the highest elevations in the world, which means it is coated in a natural (stain repellant) lanolin. Enliven a room by using a modern area rug with a shot of blue as a compliment. Choose from our dozens of handknotted solids in colors like nickel noir, tangerine, and lapis or select an all natural marbled wool rug. How about killer blue – you know you’re curious. Use color to blend in or to stand out. Pick a tone, and explore different styles – you never know where it will lead you. Our standard Tufenkian color wheel will ensure that today’s champagne hued area rug will match next year’s complementary runner. Whether you choose our multicolored Armenian wool rugs or our new handknotted solids you can be assured that the glorious jewel tones, contemporary neutral colors and undyed / vegetable-dyed Tibetan wool rugs are made with the finest materials, crafted entirely by hand. Browse by Color family at Tufenkian Carpets.

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