Tufenkian Carpets Custom Rug Program

Tufenkian Custom Poms create completely custom designs

Tufenkian’s Custom Program gives you the freedom and flexibility to design the perfect handmade carpet with a process that is fast, easy, and limited only by your imagination.  With access to the same tools used to create Tufenkian’s celebrated Tibetan and Armenian rugs, you’ll benefit from 20 years of experience helping clients realize their visions of the perfect custom area rugs, runners, and wall-to-walls.

Tufenkian produces nearly 1,000 custom rugs per year.  The custom program allows our clients to create an exclusive carpet by either modifying existing programmed rugs in construction, design, scale, color, or shape, or else by creating their own design in original colors and unique shapes.

Tufenkian Artisan Carpets have graced some of the most prestigious private homes, palaces, presidential residences, resorts, restaurants, executive suites, lobbies, universities, arenas and yachts. Our international reputation for exquisite design, craftsmanship and customer service will elevate any project. Choose from hundreds of designs and color ways -- or create your own. Our expert staff will work with you on the optimal materials for your particular installation with value engineering options as well.

Past contract installations: Mandarin Hotel, New York, NY | Ritz Carlton, Washington, DC | Westin Hotel, New York, NY | Heathman Hotel, Portland, OR

Tufenkian Color PomsTufenkian Customization offers endless possibilities with custom designs, custom dyed colors, and custom shapes. Color poms allow you to work hands-on with the carpet design and weaving materials when creating your Tufenkian Custom rug. Tufenkian’s color library contains over 1,200 colors, 450 of which are represented in our current collection of rugs.m

Line Drawings Designs are presented as black-and-white line drawings, scaled for an 8’ x 10’ rug. These images are used to identify color placements.

Custom RenderingsTufenkian provides renderings for free for simple resizing and recolors. Renderings for stair- runners and custom designs outside simple resizing and recolors are available for a charge.

Strike-Off  Strike-off samples (1’ x 1’ or 2’ x 2’) take the worry out of ordering your final creation.  Strike-offs are provided in four to six weeks.


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