James Tufenkian has selected the finest artists and designers to collaborate with him on his original handknotted wool carpets. The result is a nuanced collection of elegant, timeless designs that embrace a space, and create casual luxury and innate style. Whether you are looking for a statement rug to command a room, or a thoughtful area rug to encourage a cosy respite, you can find the perfect handmade wool rug designed by our diverse and unparalleled group of artists. As the first designer to collaborate with Tufenkian, Barbara Barry has set the standard in classic, enduring designs. Often using her Tufenkian rugs in her own projects, Barbara realizes how a quiet, thoughtful rug can complete the palate and enrich a room. For the chic urban space, turn to world traveler, photographer and designer Vicente Wolf. Using his travels as inspiration, Vicente uses materials and texture to created fluid, innovative carpets that shimmer across the floors. Respectful of and inspired by nature, designer Clodagh includes hemp and linen in her wool area rugs to create deceptively simple, harmonious designs. We expect the unexpected from artist Kevin Walz. The carpets he has designed for Tufenkian range from yearly favorites that merit a range of colorways to eclectic modern marvels for the floors. Textile designer Mark Pollack uses pattern to create rhythm and balance in chic, complementary palates. Laura Kirar offers a modern sensibility to her rug designs, energizing classic imagery with a fresh interpretation and mixed materials. Whether you need a hip area rug, or a contemporary runner, our inspiring artisans may have already envisioned your perfect rug! Browse area rugs by Designer at Tufenkian Carpets.

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